For Sale

Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail has been selectively breeding Whitetail deer and a variety of exotics for over 30 years. At Cotton Mesa, we strive to a large frame typical type deer with a few non-typical points. Our Whitetail deer are pure Texas deer. In addition to Whitetail deer, we sell Bred Does as well as open does for those looking to breed them on their ranch. We have state of the art handling facilities and are very good at moving our deer stress free. In the fall, we sell breeder bucks as well as stocker bucks. Due to a high demand, we do sell out so if you are interested in purchasing please call to reserve your bucks. To reserve yours today call (903) 654-3416.

Cotton Mesa is currently selling:

  • Whitetail Does for $5,000.00
  • Breeder Bucks
  • Stocker Bucks