3 Common Deer Hunting Mistakes Done By Hunters

Deer hunting season is officially here, and hunters handpick the best deer hunting ranch in Texas to kickstart their deer hunting of the season. But, certain hunters no matter how good their ranch selection is still fail to get a trophy hunt. Constantly scratch their heads to figure out what went wrong in their hunting strategy? Today, we are going to break it down for you and state the most common mistakes made by hunters in Texas.


Weather Check Is A Must

It’s the most important part of your deer hunting plan, and it’s something you should do before you are in the woods for axis deer hunting in Texas. You can read the temperature and humidity at different times of the day and over different parts of the state. This way, you will be able to know if it is going to rain or snow on your hunt. If you are planning a hunt in January, it would be wise to check the weather before heading out there. Weather conditions can change, and if you don’t check what those changes are going to be, it could cost you the day. 


Calling Out At The Right Time Is The Key

Overreacting to a deer’s behavior after the shot. It is common for hunters to call out too early or too late during their deer hunts in Texas. If you are planning on calling out around noon, that might not be a good idea because deer tend to stop feeding at noon and start feeding again after 2 PM. The best time to call out maybe around dawn or dusk because this is when most deer are up and moving around. You should also listen for any gunshots from other hunters as well (this doesn’t mean that everyone else is already calling in their deer). You need to know when it’s safe to call in order to get your deer on its feet and running as quickly as possible before nightfall. You should be aware of when it’s safe to shoot so that you don’t miss your opportunity by waiting too long. This requires some practice and experimentation on your part, but once you find out how much time will pass before sunrise or sunset, you can adjust accordingly. 


Not Having A Plan B

Planning ahead can make all the difference when you go deer hunting in Texas! You need to know where you want to hunt so that you can plan accordingly with your gear. What if you are unable to knock down a deer? What if the weather is bad? There could be many ifs and buts, so having a plan B can rescue you if at all plan A fails.


Bonus Points – DO NOT Mess Up With This As Well

  • Be well-prepared and ensure that you pinpoint the target correctly with your rifle/bow.
  • Making abrupt movements when spotted by the game.
  • Hunters at times assume that they are well hidden beside the bushes, silent and scent-free, but they are not. Deer are extremely great at picking up the scents, so don’t end up being caught by the herbivore. 
  • Hitting the trail too early
  • Wrong setup of your treestand


The deer can easily spot hunters who don’t scout properly. Hunting is a process that can be improved. Even experienced hunters do commit mistakes so don’t worry! Remember these points for your next hunting session and save yourself from the mistake. 

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