Kudu Hunt in Texas


Facts About Kudu:

Origin: Southern Africa

Nature: Wild

Weight: 420-600 pounds

Kudu Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: 15+ available all year long

Best Kudu Hunts in Texas

Hunting kudu at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch in Texas is a rare treat that a select few get to enjoy. Ideal for mounting due to their distinctive spiraling horns that can reach up to 5 feet, taking down a trophy bull is a feat to be remembered for years to come. The best kudu hunts are at dawn and dusk, when kudus are on the move and at their most active. With their speed, agility, and high jumping capabilities, this prey presents a rare challenge. Hunting alongside the moving herd on UTV 4-wheel over rough terrain drives makes for a truly engaging and exciting hunt. Kudus seek shade and rest during the middle of the day, allowing a little rest and relaxation for you back in the comfort of the Cotton Mesa lodge. Have a gourmet lunch, toss some horseshoes or cornhole, or even shoot some pool. Either way, you’re just resting up before the next round of seeking your trophy kudu bull

After a kudu hunting adventure unlike any other, you’ll leave Cotton Mesa with memories to last a lifetime and the trophy mount to prove it. Cotton Mesa offers a unique version of the timeless tradition of hunting, offering exotic African species right here in the heart of America. From the pursuit of the kudu’s majestic horns to the stealthy hunt of an eland, you’ll take down exotic trophies and become part of our cherished legacy at Cotton Mesa. 

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