Nilgai Antelope Hunts in Texas


Facts About Nilgai Antelope:

Origin: India

Nature: Wild

Weight: 204-635 pounds

Nilgai Hunting Season: Year round

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Interesting Nilgai Hunting Information:

Nilgai antelope are the second largest member of the antelope family, with the older bulls often being referred to as “blue bulls”, as the dominant males typically become very dark, taking on a blackish and blueish hue. These are large, sturdy animals with mature bulls weighing upwards of 600-700 pounds on the hoof. Trophy size nilgai antelope bulls will normally sport vertically oriented horns measuring 8.5” – 10” in length. Nilgai antelope can present a challenging and fun hunting experience, as they very skittish, and their keen eyesight is atop an elongated neck, making it difficult to approach them without being spotted.

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