Nilgai Antelope Hunts in Texas


Facts About Nilgai Antelope:

Origin: India

Nature: Wild

Weight: 204-635 pounds

Nilgai Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: Contact us for availability

Cotton Mesa Whitetail Trophy Ranch offers an unforgettable hunting experience for those who are seeking a challenge: nilgai antelope hunting. The ranch hosts a diverse range of exotics to hunt and the nilgai stands out as a particularly prized trophy. “Blue bulls” are one of the most sought-after antelope trophy bulls. These older dominant nilgai males become a dark blue-black hue as they mature and can weigh upwards of 700 pounds. Their distinctive vertically spiraling horns can grow up to 10 inches in length, making for an impressive mount. 

A nilgai antelope hunt presents a unique challenge, as these great animals are skittish and wary. With keen eyesight and a long neck, nilgai are known for being difficult to bag. Despite their large size, nilgai are incredibly fast and agile, so it can prove a feat to take one down. Our experienced guides expertly track and locate that one unforgettable trophy nilgai bull to get in your sights. We take you on the hunt of a lifetime, traversing our 4200-acre ranch on UTV to get in close to the herd. If you’re seeking a truly thrilling chase, this is the exotic for you. 

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Interesting Nilgai Hunting Information

Nilgai antelope hunting expeditions at Cotton Mesa combine convenience, excitement, and luxury. With its centralized location, Texas is a convenient and easy travel destination from almost anywhere in the United States, providing confinement and close hunting grounds. For those who are seeking a thrilling hunt, our various populations of exotics, including nilgai blue bulls, provide a unique experience. Each hunt is tailored to your experience level and preferences, whether stalking through rocky terrain, setting up the perfect ambush from a blind, or taking them down with a sarafi-style chase on an ATV. Nilgai hunting season is open year-round, as with all exotics in Texas, although it’s best to contact us when you’re planning a nilgai trophy blue bull hunt to ensure current conditions are optimal. All of our hunting experiences are all-inclusive, so you can rest assured you’ll have an unforgettable hunt followed by a comfortable and enjoyable stay at our lodge. With top-notch dining, a plethora of fun activities for your downtime, and plenty of new friends to meet, you’ll enjoy every second of your Cotton Mesa hunting experience. 

Nilgai are a particularly unique antelope which is native to the Indian subcontinent. They are some of the largest antelopes and vary from other antelopes due to their blue-gray or blue-brown coats. Bulls typically have long straight, sweeping horns while cows either do not have horns at all or have shorter, thinner horns. Nilgai prefer grasslands, open plains, or scrub forests, making the Texas terrain a good fit for these exotics. At Cotton Mesa, you’ll most likely see these social animals in small herds consisting of females, offspring, and a dominant bull. Our large breeding herds are most active during the day, feeding on grasses, leaves, and fruits. Nilgai Texas summer hunting trips are some of the best in the world. Come see for yourself!

For more information on Exotic Nilgai Antelope Hunts in Texas, contact us at (903) 654-3416!

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