Exotic Corsican Sheep Hunts in Texas


Facts About Corsican Sheep:

Origin: North America

Nature: Wild

Weight: 80-160 pounds

Estimated World Population: 2.5 million+

Corsican Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: Contact us for availability

Best Corsican Sheep Hunting in Texas

Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch is your premier destination for an extraordinary Corsican sheep hunting expedition. Our exotic Corsican sheep hunts in Texas truly offer you the hunt of a lifetime. Our guides are dedicated to giving you a safe, ethical, and successful Corsican sheep hunting experience on our 4200 acre ranch. Over the 30+ years that we have been open, our team has consistently engaged in a strict game management plan that has allowed our Corsican sheep population to thrive. Our seasoned guides are well-versed in the behaviors and habits of our herds, so you’ll have their expertise on your side for the hunt. Navigating rugged terrain, spotting these elusive animals, and carefully planned stealthily approaches are just some of the exciting elements you can expect from a Corsican sheep hunt at Cotton Mesa. Top it all off with the complete comfort and delicious dining our lodge offers, and you pretty much have the perfect hunt. For the hunt of a lifetime and a prized trophy ram to prove it, come to Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch! 

For more information on Exotic Corsican Sheep Hunts in Texas, contact us at (903) 654-3416!

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