Whitetail Hunting

Q1.Do you allow whitetail hunting during the rut period?

Ans: Yes, in fact, the rut period is the most awaited period by the hunters. The thrill of chasing the bucks in this period is different compared to all other seasons.

Q2.Can I bait a Whitetail deer?

Ans: Yes of course. You can bait the whitetail with scents or even with feeders. Before setting up the bait consider tracking the movements of a whitetail or ask the ranch manager

Q3.How can I hunt an antlerless deer?

Ans: If the antlerless deer falls under the MLDP category then you aren’t allowed to hunt the deer. Otherwise, if you have a hunting license for bow or rifle or youth-only seasons then you are permitted to hunt the antlerless deer in that particular area. For more details, you can contact the ranch managers.

Q4.What is the cost of whitetail hunting?

Ans: Whitetail hunting packages for 2023, would differ depending on the antler size you choose to hunt. Overall the whitetail hunting price could range somewhere between $5000 to $18000.

Exotic Hunting

Q1.Why do I need to wear orange?

Ans: The orange clothing indicates your presence to the fellow hunter in that area. This is mandatory if you enter the ranch in forearm season to ensure your safety.

Q2.What all animals are available under Exotic hunting?

Ans: Under exotic hunting, Cotton Mesa Whitetail Hunting Ranch has the following groups –
Deer – Axis deer, Fallow deer, Elk, Red stag
Antelope – Nilgai Antelope, Blackbuck, Eland, Addax, Blue Wildebeest, Scimitar Oryx, Waterbuck, Gemsbok, Kudu
Bovine – American Bison, Water buffalo, Watusi
Goat – Catalina Goat
Sheep -Aoudad Sheep, Mouflon Sheep, Texas dall sheep, Hawaiian Black Sheep, Corsican Sheep, Four Horned Sheep
Equine – Zebra
For more details, check out our exotic animals available to hunt in Richland, Texas. Bag the best trophy animal from Cotton Mesa Whitetail Ranch.

African Game Hunting In Texas

Q1.How African game hunting would be different than others?

Ans: If you are fascinated by hunting African animals, you can get it in Texas itself. The advantages of hunting the African game animals in Texas are that you are saving your traveling cost to Africa and you can take the entire meat to your place and cherish them with your family which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Freshwater Fishing

Q1.What is the best time to fish for bass?

Ans: Dawn and dusk are the perfect time to fish the bass. If you are curious about the season then every season has its pros and cons for fishing. Still, if you are trying your luck then summer is the best season.

Hunting and Ranch Visits

Q1.Do I need to be concerned about chronic wasting disease?

Ans: CWD is a concerning disease found in whitetails, Elk deer, mule deer, and red deer. According to the TPWD guidelines if at all you are hunting in a CWD-prone zone then you are supposed to send the animal for testing within 48 hours of harvest. If you are not in the CWD zone then you need not worry about testing.

Q2.Do you allow deer attractants and scents?

Ans: Yes, we do allow the deer attractants and scents on the ranch. But you need to get the attractants on your own.

Q3.What all things do I need to carry when I visit your ranch?

Ans: Your Texas hunting license(available online as well), booking verifications, binoculars, rifle, ammo, bows, camo clothes, game calls, orange attire, coolers, hunting boots, rods, and reels, lures/bait and your bag pack to fit all these things.
Any special snacks or drinks, all meals, and non-alcoholic beverages included. Any dietary needs should be addressed at booking to better accommodate you. Remember, BYOB, a liquor store 6 miles from the ranch, and NO pets allowed at our ranch.

Q4.Can I get my UTV to your ranch?

Ans: Yes, we do allow UTVs. You will also get a hunting guide to help you in the hunting. Check our hunting packages for 2023 for more details.

Q5.Do you provide professional guides for beginners?

Ans: Hunting guides are included in your hunting package itself. Check our hunting packages for 2023 for more details.

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