Scimitar Oryx Hunts in Texas


Facts About Scimitar Oryx:

Origin: North Africa

Nature: Wild

Weight: 310-460 pounds

Scimitar Oryx Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: 20+ available all year

Trophy Hunting in Texas: Scimitar Oryx

Step into a timeless tradition amidst the rugged Texas terrain at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch. The thrill of the chase is awaiting you, featuring the exotic, the rare, the unique, all just outside your doorstep. One of the iconic hunting experiences is available right now: scimitar oryx hunts. These majestic and rare animals offer an exhilarating and unrivaled hunting experience and pursuing a scimitar oryx at Cotton Mesa promises an adventure like no other. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Hunting Trophy Scimitar Oryx

Heralding from the arid landscapes of North Africa, these elegant white-coated animals from the oryx family have distinctively long curved horns and offer a wild and thrilling hunt. Their grace, speed, and resilience make taking down a trophy scimitar oryx a difficult venture, ideal only for the strong of will. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch offers the ideal backdrop for this unforgettable hunt. You may traverse rocky terrain while stalking your prey, still yourself in a well-placed blind, or wrangle your trophy from a fast-moving ATV safari-style. Regardless of the method, our skilled scimitar oryx hunting guides will scout the herd to get you set up with the most ideal placement to take down a prized beast.

Those who have experienced the Cotton Mesa difference know that after the hunt, you’ll be supremely well-cared for. Dine on our house chef’s delectable cuisine, hearty and tasty dishes that delight the senses. Enjoy a drink or s’more by the fire and relax as the sun sets over our gorgeous Texas ranch. Move the friendly competition from the hunting field to the horseshoe pit, cornhole toss, or pool table. When you’ve had your fill, retreat to your luxurious and comfortable accommodations to rest and refuel for the following day’s hunt. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch has everything you can dream up, from lodging to food to exotic prey, everything that defines the hunt of a lifetime. The best part of it all? It’s right in your own backyard, nestled in the heart of Texas!

Interesting Scimitar Oryx Hunting Information

Sometimes called the scimitar-horned oryx, this majestic North African animal has a white coat with a reddish-brown chest. Its face is incredibly distinctive, sporting black marketings down the length of its snout, stretching from forehead to nose. Their coloring provides ideal camouflage for their native terrain. As the nickname implies, their horns sweep back in the shape of a scimitar and can grow as long as 42 inches on trophy scimitar males and as long as 24 inches on females. 

Scimitar oryx are incredibly adaptable, having originally inhabited the arid deserts of North Africa. This makes them ideally suited for the dry Texas desert terrain. Surviving without water for many weeks is their strength, as their bodies prevent water loss from urination as well as avoiding perspiration by controlling their body temperature. Their torsos have a distinctive hump on their shoulders, another adaptation designed to provide fat reserves for times when food is scarce. Despite their adaptability, we feed our herds well at Cotton Mesa, ensuring a large breeding population and a thriving population.

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