Texas Dall Sheep Hunts in Texas


Facts About Texas Dall Sheep:

Origin: North America

Nature: Wild

Weight: 80-160 pounds

Dall Sheep Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: Contact us for availability

Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch has become known for our large populations of exotic game and our unrivaled hunting experiences. Besides our exotics, we also tap into our age-old American hunting traditions and offer local hunting prized trophies as well. The quintessential Texas hunt is the Texas dall sheep, bred right here in the Lone State by Texas ranchers. 

These all-American sheep are most often characterized by a striking white coat and an impressive set of horns. Taking down a trophy ram means you’ll have a magnificent mount, not to mention a conversation starter that will take you down memory lane. A Texas dall sheep hunt is not for the faint of heart, it is a challenging hunt that traverses our ranch’s rocky terrain. Dall sheep are hardy and wily, often stubbornly forcing an engaging hunt. Our skilled dall sheep hunting guides will get you perfectly positioned for the take down and lead you directly to the herd. From there, it’s on you to get that trophy Texas dall sheep ram in your sights and take home the prize.

Book your Texas dall sheep hunting experience at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch today! You’ll enjoy true trophy hunting with local and exotic animals across our 4,200-acre ranch, friendly staff, and cozy lodging!

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Best Dall Sheep Hunting in Texas 

These striking sheep are characterized by their mix of colors, stemming from their mouflon mothers and rambouillet fathers. Back in the day, Texas ranchers were inspired to create a sheep breed that would be ideal for hunting and ranching. Their selective breeding programs crossed mouflon ewes and rambouillet rams for the perfect blend of wool and meat. The result is the Texas dall sheep which are most often white but at times black or brown, influenced by their mouflon ancestry.

Texas dall sheep hunting season at the ranch is available year-round, making this hunt ideal for those with busy schedules. This fun and challenging game animal is one of our most popular hunts at Cotton Mesa and you’re sure to take down a prized trophy ram with the help of our experienced hunting guides.

Once you’ve bagged your Texas dall sheep, it’s back to the ranch for a comfortable and relaxing evening at Cotton Mesa’s pristine lodge. A hard day of hunting builds quite an appetite and our talented chef creates inspired delicacies that always satisfy. Spend your down time playing pool, horseshoes, cornhole, and more. Keep your sights sharp at our shooting range. Or simply relax by the fire with a drink and share your favorite hunting memories. The lodge makes for a comfortable and fun experience where you can bond with old and new friends alike.

For more information on Exotic Texas Dall Sheep Hunts in Texas, contact us at (903) 654-3416!

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