Fallow Deer Hunting – Texas


Facts About Fallow Deer:

Origin: Europe

Nature: Wild

Weight: 130-220 pounds

Fallow Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: 20+ available September-February

Perhaps one of the most exciting and rewarding hunts at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch is the pursuit of Fallow deer. Their distinctive antlers and varied coat make them an alluring trophy hunt prize. When it comes to exotic hunts, Fallow deer offer a challenge that delivers excitement every time. Our experienced guides employ skilled strategies for getting Fallow deer in your sights and Cotton Mesa Ranch stands as the premier Texas hunting location to give you the adventure of a lifetime! 

Fallow Deer Hunting
Fallow Deer
Texas Fallow Deer Hunting
Texas Fallow Deer Hunts
Fallow Deer Hunting

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