Exotic Fallow Deer Hunts in Texas


Facts About Fallow Deer:

Origin: Europe

Nature: Wild

Weight: 130-220 pounds

Fallow Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: 20+ available September-February

Interesting Fallow Hunting Information:

These deer come in three color phases, white, chocolate and spotted. The trophy bucks have broad and shovel-shaped antlers with many points on top and can weight over 200 pounds.

Trophy Fallow bucks retain their antlers sometimes into March, therefore may be hunted a little later in the year. The best time to come for Fallow deer is September of October. The venison on these deer is lean and healthy.  Cotton Mesa has a large breeding herd of Fallow Deer.  Trophy bucks available in all three color phase: white, spotted and chocolate.

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