Waterbuck Hunting in Texas


Facts About Waterbuck:

Origin: Africa

Nature: Wild

Weight: 437-578 pounds

Waterbuck Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: 20+ population, very limited availability

Waterbuck Hunting in Texas

Hunting waterbucks is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many hunting aficionados. Big game hunters head to Africa everyday in search of this popular game animal. The truth is, you don’t actually have to travel that far to take down a trophy waterbuck bull! At Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch in Texas, you can enjoy the thrilling chase of a waterbuck hunt just hours from your hometown. We have carefully cultivated breeding herds of waterbuck, yet this animal even remains elusive on our 4200-acres, making it a rare big game trophy hunt. The population of waterbuck that thrive at Cotton Mesa typically sit at between 20-30 heads, so our waterbuck hunts are reserved specifically for those seeking a rare and exhilarating challenge. Waterbuck hunting season in Texas is year-round, as with all of our exotics, but it’s always a wise choice to call us prior to booking a hunt. Our experienced Texas waterbuck hunting guides can let you know if one of our large 600-pounders is accessible for the take-down. Most often, we see two or so trophy bull waterbucks taken per year. We like to set you up for success and we like to have a conversation beforehand to let you know if this is a possibility. 

Hunting Waterbucks in Texas

When it is the ideal time for a waterbuck hunt and you’re on-site at the ranch, our expert scouts will get you all set up for success on the big day. We scout the herd ahead of time and locate the best spot to get them in your sights. Then we take you via 4-wheel drive ATV to wherever the herd is at that moment and get you set up in a comfortable blind. Another excellent method of hunting waterbuck we utilize is the spot and stalk method, which is ideal for those with ample hunting experience. We’ll get you close to the herd and based on animal movement, you’ll get up within shooting range with expert concealment. After a successful waterbuck trophy hunt, we can send your buck off for proper meat processing and trophy preparation. Unless properly processed, the meat can take on an incredibly unpleasant odor which is due to the waterproofing secretions from the waterbucks’ sweat glands. As such, we work with a professional company who can preserve the quality of the meat and the integrity of your trophy for mounting. 

Interesting Waterbuck Hunting Information

What makes waterbucks such a sought-after hunt is that they are some of the largest antelopes found in sub-Saharan Africa. Their distinctive appearance and long, spiral horns set them apart from other big game trophies, as they make a hugely impressive mount. Their shaggy brown goat and white-ringed rump are incredibly recognizable. Waterbuck bulls can weigh up to 1300 pounds, although the largest bulls at the ranch tend to sit at about 600 pounds. Waterbuck cows are slightly smaller, usually weighing in at about 500-700 pounds. Waterbuck cows typically gather in small groups with other cows and their offspring. During the breeding season, mature males join the cows to breed. During the rest of the year, bulls remain solitary or form small bachelor groups.

Waterbuck are ideally acclimatized for Texas’s grasslands, savannas, and deserts due to their original habitats in Africa. They typically gather in areas with water and vegetation available for feeding, where they often graze for extended periods of time. Waterbucks are diurnal, so they are most active during the day, although during the heat of the summer, they will seek escape in water or densely shaded areas.  

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