Watusi Hunts in Texas


Facts About Watusi:

Origin: Africa

Nature: Domesticated

Weight: 900-1,600 pounds

Watusi Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: 15+ available all year long

Watusi Trophy Bull Hunts in Texas

As one of the most seemingly domesticated animals in Texas to hunt, watusi hunts may at first glance seem basic and unassuming. However, the watusi trophy bull hunts in Texas at Cotton Mesa Ranch offer a unique opportunity to harvest a trophy-quality animal. Watusi cattle, also known as Ankole Longhorn cattle, have distinctive horns that can reach up to 8 feet long and which never stop growing! The 1600-pound watusi bulls taken down at Cotton Mesa provide a unique glimpse into trophy hunting culture. At Cotton Mesa ranch, these magnificent beasts roam in free range herds over our 4200 acres, spending ample time at their preferred grazing grounds. While watusi hunting season in Texas is year-round, as they are considered exotic game, their season provides extensive time to hunt these exotic game trophy bulls. Our professional hunting guides will ensure you get right up to the watusi cattle herd, so that those distinguished horns can be your next impressive mount. Our all-inclusive Watusi hunting packages offer the thrill of big game hunting with the luxurious accommodations of a private guided hunting service in Texas. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch offers ample opportunities to take down a trophy watusi bull, ensuring that your every hunting desire is always met and often exceeded. 

Watusi Hunts for Sale Texas

Watusi cattle are also known as ankole longhorn, a wild oxen native to parts of Africa. Smaller than most cattle, watusi bulls can get up to 1600 pounds and cows can get up to 1300 pounds. Their meat is lean and harvesting a watusi will provide ample meat to take home. What makes watusi cattle so distinctive is their unique horns that grow in various shapes but remain symmetrical on each animal. They make an incredible trophy mount, as watusi horns can reach as much as 28 inches in circumference and 8 feet from tip to tip; plus their horns grow continuously! Their horns are utilized as part of their thermoregulation system, as well as for dominance and defense. Watusi cattle are particularly well-suited to the hot and dry Texas climate, as they have incredibly reliable heat-tolerant traits and can survive on very little food and water. Watusi are herd animals and they congregate in large groups to graze and protect their young.

For the trophy mount of a lifetime, watusi hunts in Texas are the way to go. Our guided watusi hunts are led by experienced, professional hunting guides that are well-versed in the best tactics to locate and select the best trophy bull to take down, depending on your specific goals and preferences. We may set you up in a comfortable blind to glass for your shot or approach the herd safari-style from a 4-wheel drive ATV. In any situation, Cotton Mesa’s expert guides will get you right where you need to be for the hunt of a lifetime. Plus, watusi hunt prices at Cotton Mesa are affordable and are all-inclusive, so that you can enjoy the thrill of the hunt without breaking the bank. For a watusi hunt to remember, Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch is here for you!

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