Watusi Hunts in Texas


Facts About Watusi:

Origin: Africa

Nature: Domesticated

Weight: 900-1,600 pounds

Watusi Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: 15+ available all year long

Interesting Watusi Hunting Information:

The Watusi is also know as Ankole Longhorn, which is a wild oxen originally native to Africa.  Its large, distinctive horns, that can reach up to 8 feet from tip to tip, are used for defense. During the life span of the Watusi, their horns never stop growing.  At Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail, we have a breeding herd of Watusi and they are sought after for their meat as well as Trophy value.  A large Trophy Watusi can weigh up to 1,600 pounds and has very lean meat.

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