Zebra Hunts in Texas


Facts About Zebra:

Origin: Africa

Nature: Wild

Weight:Up to 770 pounds

Estimated World Population:750,000+

Zebra Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: 20+ all year long

For hunters across the globe, taking a prized zebra stallion is on the bucket list. For American hunters, it’s a game changer to know that you don’t have to travel to Africa to hunt zebra – there are wild zebras right here in our own backyard at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch! Our Texas exotic game hunting ranch provides a wide ranch of exotics to hunt including guided zebra hunts. We have carefully cultivated a large breeding population over the past several decades so that we can provide you with an unforgettable hunting adventure that is one for books. There are several methods of hunting zebras at the ranch, as we like to provide a little something for every kind of hunter. You can have the exhilarating trophy zebra hunt you’d always imagined safari-style from the back of our 4-wheel drive ATVs that can get you in close to the herd. Others prefer the more traditional zebra bow hunt or spot and stalk zebra hunting method. And there’s always the good ole’ zebra hunting from the comfort of a blind. As usual, rifles and pistols are a preferred method for many hunters on the ranch. Regardless of your chosen hunting method, taking down a clever trophy zebra stallion always ends up being a thrilling and exciting endeavor. Book your hunt today and get ready for the challenge of pursuing this iconic African exotic animal in a Texas setting.

Zebra Hunting Information

Zebras are truly a unique and amazing exotic animal! Did you know…

  • Just like human fingerprints, every zebra stripe is completely unique
  • Zebras are social animals that prefer to live in herds with one dominant stallion leading them
  • These animals originally come from sub-Saharan Africa
  • Zebras evolved over 4 million years from Old World horses
  • Why do zebras have stripes? Some theories include that their stripes confuse predators and make the animals indistinguishable in a herd and that they confuse fly biting patterns too!
  • Zebras’ vocalizations sound incredibly unique
  • These amazing wild horses breed year-round
  • They communicate with each other through vocalizations, body language, and scent marking

Zebra Hunts Near Me

Where can you hunt zebras in the US? Right here at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch in Texas! Get ready for an unforgettable hunt from the comfort of your own backyard! Once you’ve enjoyed the challenge of taking down this wild exotic creature, head back to the lodge for some much-deserved R & R. Enjoy a rousing game of horseshoes or sharpen your archery skills at our archery range. Indulge in a restful afternoon with a little bass fishing at our private lake. Have a drink by the fire while making new friends while swapping hunting stories or shoot some pool. Whatever your chosen method of relaxation is, we have it available for you! Then dig in to a delicious meal prepared by our skilled culinary team and tuck in for a comfortable night of rest in your private luxurious lodge room. An all-inclusive exotic zebra hunt in Texas at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch is an unforgettable adventure and we invite you to book yours today!

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