Hawaiian Black Sheep Hunts in Texas


Facts About Hawaiian Black Sheep:

Origin: North America

Nature: Wild

Weight: 80-160 pounds

Estimated World Population: 2.5 million+

Black Sheep Hunting Season: Year round

Cotton Mesa Ranch Population: Contact us for availability

For a much sought-after hunt, consider Cotton Meas’s trophy Hawaiian black sheep hunting expedition in Texas. Hawaiian black sheep are a prized color phase of Coriscan sheep and we have thriving populations of both here at the ranch. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch has slowly grown our Hawaiian black sheep herd for decades now. We strive to keep our Hawaiian black sheep population large and healthy with proper selective breeding and a strict game management program. Just as with all exotics in Texas, hunting season for Hawaiian black sheep is 365 days a year. Hawaiian black sheep are alluring as a trophy, as mature rams host impressive twisted horns that are ideal as a mount. Their dark colored fleece and wily nature offer a hunting adventure to remember!

Our goal at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch is to provide an enjoyable and productive hunting experience for each and every hunter who visits us. Hawaiian black sheep offer a challenging hunt, as they are known for their keen sense and elusive habits. You’ll have to use every bit of patience and stealthy tracking skills you’ve got to take down a trophy Hawaiian black ram. That’s where our skilled guides come in handy, and they play an important role when you’re hunting at Cotton Mesa. Our guides scout and lead personalized hunts, taking you right to the prey by traversing the ranch’s rugged terrain on 4-wheel drive ATVs. Texas weather is as unpredictable as the hunt, and having insulated, comfortable blinds is a must at the ranch. Your dedicated hunting guide makes sure you’re set up for success and land in the right place at the right time. From the comfort of our premium Atascosa blinds, you’ll be able to get Hawaiian black sheep in your sights and take down the big prize. On some occasions, we take hunts to the next level by hunting while on the move in our 4-wheel drive ATVs, providing a thrilling and exciting safari-style hunt. 

For more information on Exotic Hawaiian Black Sheep Hunts in Texas, contact us at (903) 654-3416!

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