4 Things About Catalina Goat Hunting In Texas

Catalina Goat Hunting Texas

4 Things You Should Know About Catalina Goat Hunting In Texas

Know About The Catalina Goat’s Habits & Habitat

Catalina goat is native to Spain and found in Santa Catalina Island. It was introduced as Exotic Species in Texas by Spanish missionaries. They are sparsely scattered in other parts of the U.S. as well. Being an exotic species is advantageous as they will be available year round. They usually thrive in hot, arid & rough lands where it has been overgrazed. Catalina goats have an active lifestyle and feed mainly on grass and leaves. Black, brown, reddish brown, or even white color variation can be seen. 


Pay Heed To Their Behavior

Like other goats, the behavior of catalina goats is aggressive and competitive. They are extremely good at tricking you. While hunting Catalina Goat one needs to stay focused on their movements, otherwise, you lose the chance to bag your hunt for the day.


Breeding Behavior

If you want to differentiate between male and female Catalina goats then the easiest to figure out is by looking at their horns. Males have long, thick & impressive horns extending up to 40 inches. While in most cases females lack horns, even if they possess one then it will be a short one measuring not more than 6 inches. The breeding period is not season restricted. Females have a pregnancy period of 5 months and give birth to 2-3 babies. 


Options For Hunting Catalina Goat

Catalina goats are a perfect trophy to bring back home after hunting. Their thick and majestic horns extending to the back make the wait worthwhile. You can use the traditional bow and arrow method or knock them down with modern rifles. Other methods used are the spot and stalk, hand gun, safari style hunting, or can opt for hunting from a blind. Choose any options but the thrill of hunting a Catalina Goat in Texas won’t be compromised. 


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