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All You Need To Know About Bass Fishing
Texas Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing in Texas is one of the most famous sport loved by people in the USA. But why is bass fishing the most loved sport among texas people? If you have ever seen bass or considered its features, it’s not very appealing or amazing in taste. But still, it is top in the fishing list. So let’s have a look at the reasons why they are so popular & how to trap them in the net?


Peculiar Characteristics Of Bass Fish

Bass fish appearance is defined by prominent green blotches throughout the lateral line on either side. The underside ranges from light green to white. They grow up to 10 to 15 cms in their first year, in the second year it’s 20-30 cms, and when they turn three years their growth reaches up to 40 cms. These are the most aggressive fish but easy to lurk with bait. They can be attracted with live or artificial bait. There is a range of baits available to trap in the net. But do you know Largemouth bass are one of the top predators in the aquatic ecosystem? They feed on other invertebrates and small fishes. They are usually adaptable to any habitat but are mostly found near the logs, vegetations, rock areas, man-made structures. They would prefer crystal clear water over turbid water.


Adequate Bass Fish Population in Texas

There is zero scarcity for Bass fishes. I mean, Bass fishes are nearly available in every water source seen in Texas. Smallmouth and largemouth are the common ones sighted in the water sources. Apart from this Texas also has a population of Spotted Bass, Guadalupe Bass, White Bass, Yellow Bass, and Striped Bass. But Largemouth bass fish are available in abundance. 


Foraging Habit

Both artificial and live bait is an amazing food for bass fishing. Both give you a range of options to choose from. Live bait has options like Minnows, Meal worms, Wax worms, Crayfish, Night crawlers, in Artificial baits, you can use Spinner bait, Crank bait, Skirted Bass Jig, Finesse Worm, Swim bait, and Tube bait.  Crank baits are of various types the popular amongst them are Lipless crank bait and Square bill Crank bait. You need patience while fishing. Use your bait according to the aquatic environment. For Eg- For swampy places, you can use top water frogs, for murky waters you can use skirted jig and worms can be used for any location as it is a common food for them. While they get attracted to your bait and move towards you, all you need to do is wait! But if you feel the bass has hit your bait then wait! Don’t rush. Let it get completely trapped with your bait, and then pull the strings. 


Bass Fishing Equipment

With the increased popularity, of course, the demand for fishing equipment has drastically increased. This has witnessed the various types of fishing rods in the market which are exclusively designed for bass fishing. Rods available are of two types – casting rods and spinning rods. As the name says, casting rods have an accurate casting with more robust functionality. On the other hand, spinning rods are utilized for lighter lurks. This includes the Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Drop shot, Wacky Rig with Hooks like Round bend worm hook, Octopus Bend hook, EWG worm hooks are available in the market. 


Other Factors

Apart from the fishing equipment and bait, one thing to be kept in mind is environmental factors. Temperature, sunlight, cover, and spawning period. 

  • Water temperature is an important factor to be considered while fishing. The ideal water temperature should be between 61 – 84° F. When the ideal conditions are shifted, it’s a survival threat to the organism and the organism undergoes metabolic changes to conserve its energy. 
  • During dawn and dusk, the activity of bass is high for foraging. You can have an easy catch during this time. During midday, they seek shelter under rocks and vegetation to avoid the light. 
  • Bass usually hides near vegetation, man-made structures, and rocks. Position yourself in those habitats to have an easy catch.
  • Bass fishes have a spawning period from March to June when the temperature of the water reaches 149 F. During this period, they don’t feed and form a spawning bed in clear water to guard their eggs. It is advisable to fish them in ideal environmental conditions and not in their vulnerable situations.


The Excitement & Popularity Factor

Earlier people used to fish, but the equipment used for fishing wasn’t much available. But these days, the bass fishing equipment is in demand and they are usually sold out. Additionally, bass tournaments and sports have increased the desire for fishing and boosted popularity. Another factor is the availability of bass in water sources, you don’t have to travel miles to fish a bass fish. It is available in abundance around the area. Also, its aggressive behavior over others has filled the sport with enthusiasm and excitement. All these factors together have turned the fish into a perfect fit for game fish.


Filling your net with fish isn’t that easy. You may not need the perfect environment, but you need the perfect idea about animals. Setting out for fishing is easy but understanding the behavior of an animal is important to fetch a good catch. 

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