Best Texas Safari Hunts

Are you dreaming of an exotic African hunt? One that has you riding safari-style through the arid African terrain in search of a prized trophy exotic animal? The exhilarating experience of exotic game hunting has thrilled and enticed hunters for decades, for good reason. With unique prey and varied landscapes, safari hunts are definitely on many a bucket list, and if you’re one who is searching for that ultimate game hunt, you’re in luck. You don’t have to travel halfway across the globe to experience the thrill of taking down an exotic! You can embark on an unrivaled African exotic game safari hunt without ever leaving the United States. 

Right around the corner in Central Texas, Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch offers an exceptional experience for hunters seeking the thrill of hunting exotic trophy game. Complete with ample exotic prey, guided safari hunts, comfortable lodging, and delicious dining, you’ll have everything you’ll need for an unparalleled hunting expedition. 

Exotic Game Animal Ranch Hunts in Texas

As one of the best exotic hunting ranches in Texas, Cotton Mesa’s all-inclusive, affordable Texas exotic hunts feature diverse game. You’ll find exotic West African animals in Texas on our 4200 acres of hunting land, as well as game from other areas of Africa, Asia, and Europe, all right here in the continental United States. Exotic game hunting is available year round but it’s always a good idea to coordinate your trip with the best time of the year to hunt your specific game of choice. Cotton Mesa Ranch is home to:

  • Kudu
  • Eland
  • Gemsbok
  • Waterbuck
  • Blackbuck
  • Wildebeest
  • Nilgai
  • Many more

Plus, we have large trophy animals of the American classics, like whitetail deer, bison, red stag, elk, and more!  

Benefits of Staying Local for Exotic Trophy Game Safari Hunts

There are numerous advantages to staying in the continental United States for your safari-style exotic game hunting experience. 

Convenience: Avoid long hours in the airport and the stress of international travel, not to mention visas, gun transportation and permitting, importing a trophy mount and/or game meat, and other difficulties that traveling to Africa or other safari hunting destinations in other countries. Instead, simply travel to Dallas-Fort Worth and after just a short drive, you’ll arrive at Cotton Mesa. With over 4200 acres of prime hunting land teeming with exotic game, you won’t be missing anything other than hours spent in a cramped plane!

Affordability: Cheap exotic game hunting is available right here in Texas. International safari hunts involve costly airline tickets, expensive hotels, and extended stays due to travel time and inefficient hunts. If you choose a safari hunt in the United States, you’ll save thousands of dollars in travel alone. At Cotton Mesa, we don’t price gouge. We are passionate about providing affordable exotic game hunts because we want to be a part of your hunting experience as you check off that bucket list. We love what we do and we want you to be able to experience the very best in local guided safari hunts without breaking the bank. 

Time-Savings: Traveling anywhere other than the United States or nearby countries eats up valuable time! If you have a limited amount of vacation time or simply want to indulge in other experiences, a local Texas safari hunt is a great option. For the hunter with a limited timeline, or one who has a long list of games to conquer, a local U.S. hunt is the way to go. Rather than spending your valuable time on travel, you’ll have ample time to enjoy more days of hunting, fishing, or simply relaxing at Cotton Mesa! 

Call us now at Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Ranch to book your exotic game safari hunt today! 

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