Can A Windy Day Have Impact On Your Whitetail Hunting?

Imagine making all the arrangements for your whitetail hunting in a hunting ranch near you and finding out that the weather is awful. How bad is that? It might seem to be heartbreaking as people only have heard the myth of whitetail not showing up on a windy day. Well, it is time to break the myth and reveal the truth. It won’t be fair to cancel your whitetail plans and head back home without experiencing the rewarding chance. Instead, you can try these tips to tackle the windy weather and know the advantages of hunting whitetails in challenging weather. 


If you are a beginner at hunting whitetail in Texas, consider understanding the behavior of deer first. Because this would help you to build strategies for your hunting. If you think the chance of bagging a whitetail is difficult in rough weather, well, it may or may not be. High winds can also alert bucks to approaching danger or other hunters, causing them to be more cautious than usual. So you need to stay aware of your surroundings and trick them to fall into your trap. While people are busy stating the reasons for the cons, we are providing the pros of giving it a chance. 


Target The Food and Water Points 

On a regular day, a deer would feed 5-6 times. As you know, whitetails are diurnal, and their feeding activity would be less but won’t be completely off. You can stay in ground blinds and wait for their arrival at the food or water points. If you do this, you’re sure to bag a whitetail trophy.


High Winds Reduce Visibility

The high wind reduces visibility and makes it difficult to give away your position to nearby deer. This is one of the reasons bucks take the chance to come during the day, as they won’t be able to spot the predators at night. 


Stay Close To Whitetail But Away From Scents

Whitetails are extremely good at sniffing. Irrespective of the weather, you need to take care of your scent, so the bucks are not alert to your presence. You can use the wind to trick and attract them towards you with a downwind principle. If you spot a herd, you can use the scent, distract them, and create a perfect moment to knock down.

High Winds Can Drown Out The Noises You Make

If you are trying to get close to the buck and accidentally end up making some noise. Don’t worry! Wind can drown the noise, and your presence will be unheard. As newbies tend to make mistakes on the grounds. This windy hunting would be an incredible opportunity for them to learn!


While others have canceled their hunting plans due to the bad weather, this decreases your competition on the field. Remember that these points are observational rather than theoretical and that several researchers have observed them. 

We are sure taking a chance on windy weather won’t go in vain. You would definitely feel rewarded for the same. For those who asked to cancel your hunting plans, let your trophy speak for itself!


If you’re planning on hunting whitetail in Texas high winds, you’ll want to plan your hunt very carefully! Book your whitetail hunting trip at Cotton Mesa Whitetail Ranch, Texas, and enjoy the hunting with your group. To book your hunting slots, contact (903) 654-3416 or mail us at


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