Choose The Correct Bow For Your Hunting

As a beginner, some of us might have had a huge doubt about whether to embark on our hunting journey with the rifle or bow. Few of them opt for rifle because it is easy to go and has more controllable elements and flexibility when compared with archery. While even today many of them prefer hunting with a bow. Because hunting an animal with a bow and arrow is still considered an elite thing. Equipment might get advanced over a period of time, but the traditional form of hunting is going to be etched as an art. Before you try to master this art for your whitetail hunting in Texas, you need to do is choose the right bow for your hunting. For this, we have stated a few points here –  

Before beginning with the options, locate the parts to understand the difference and significance of that particular bow. A bow can be categorized into three parts – Shaft/limb, grip, and string.

Parts and types of bow

What Are The Bow Options Available In The Market?

Bows can be broadly categorized into – Traditional and Modern bows. As the name suggests, the traditional bows have the simplest form used by the human race for generations. Traditional bows have numerous options like Japanese bow, Scythian Bow, Flatbow, Longbow, Modern recurve, Horse bow, Selfbow, English longbow, Straight bow, Recurve bow, etc. Modern bows are the advanced form of traditional bows, which give an edge on velocity and accuracy. So modern bow has the option of the compound bow. Stating some common bows and their significance here –

 Recurve bow

Flatbow – Did you know that flatbow was commonly used by the tribal community? This is one such bow option that you can avail yourself of in traditional as well as modern forms. When you look at a flatbow, it is nonrecurved, and it is narrower at the end. The narrow end distributes the stress evenly and helps in effective firing. The material used for a flatbow is usually timber made of Maple, hazel, etc. 

Compound bow – For all those perfectionists out there! If you are looking for a bow to target your hunt with accuracy, then a compound bow is the one. The advanced options available in the compound bow allow you to pinpoint the target with much accuracy and cover a huge distance as well. 

Compound Bow

Dilemma For Bow Users – Left Handed Bow Or Right Handed Bow?

Be it an experienced or a beginner, some of them still struggle to find the right bow for them. So if you are stuck between choosing a left-handed bow or a right-handed bow, you need to find the dominance of your hand. At times people consider the dominant eye as well to fix the position. 

How To Find A Dominant Hand For Bow Hunting?

If you can do fine motor skills with a particular hand at ease, then you must consider that hand as a dominant hand. If you have a command over your left hand, you should hold the bow in your right and pull the string with your left. This becomes the left-handed bow. If you have a dominant right hand, then you will hold the bow in your left hand and pull the strings with your right hand.  

Find Your Dominant Eye For Bow Hunting

Ideally, the dominant eye and hand compliments most of them. But at times, people may have cross dominance. It means the dominant hand and eye don’t match. You might be having a dominant right hand but a dominant left eye. This is called cross dominance. In such cases finding the right bow for hunting might seem difficult. But don’t worry, we got you covered. The problem will arise in the case of cross dominant people. So to resolve this problem, you can do the Miles test or Porta’s test to figure out whether you fall into the cross dominance category. If at all you are falling into the cross dominance category, then choose the bow with respect to your convenience. Because in cross dominance people, you need to find out the right bow just by experimenting as the preference and comfort change from person to person.

Bonus Point For Maintenance Of Bow – 

Once you have got your bow, you need to store them in a proper place for future use. Be it on a hunting ranch or at your place store your bow in a clean and moisture-free place to attract the fungus and mold development. Keep an eye on the bowstrings and check the wear and tear regularly. Make sure to check the parts for damage before you set out for hunting. For guided and professional hunting trips, you can approach Cotton Mesa Whitetail Hunting Ranch. 

If you planning for bow hunting in Texas, then visit Cotton Mesa Whitetail Ranch. Cotton Mesa Whitetail Ranch has whitetails and a variety of exotic animals to make your hunting experience amazing. Book your hunting slots with Cotton Mesa Whitetail Ranch and enjoy your summer hunting.

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