Deer Season Starts With Strong Prospects

It’s finally here! The time Texas hunting enthusiast have been waiting for! In Texas, November marks the beginning of deer season statewide and according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Texas hunters are in for a treat this year. Hunters who have been preparing to hunt a premium whitetail deer will not be disappointed with the deer they see this deer season!

According to officials from Texas Parks & Wildlife, hunters can expect to see deer in great condition with an above average number of mature bucks this fall.

This proves to be great news for Texas hunters who have endured unprofitable deer hunts in prior years. In past years there has been a scarcity with the number of whitetails due to droughts and other harsh conditions that hunters cannot control. However, 2014 is proving to be as good of a years as 2013 if not better.  One aspect several hunters are taking notice of are the antlers of the mature bucks. The bucks have been seen with above average quality and sized antlers.

According to Alan Cain, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department White-tailed Deer Program Leader, “a bow hunter in Walker County [connected] on a buck that [scored] 163 B&C (Boone & Crockett scoring system).” Cain later noted that this connection was the hunter’s first time to bow hunt, a huge accomplishment for a beginner. Another report issued out of Atascosa County reported a 183 B&C buck.

This year’s impending, yet impressive deer season is due in large part to the amount of rainfall Texas has received throughout the year. According to Cain, biologist use rainfall as a barometer to gauge hunting season.The amount of rain received directly effects that amount of food that deer receive. The food provides deer with ample amounts of nutrition. A lack of food results in a decreased number of remaining deer. An ample amount of rain, as seen in 2014, results in good sized deer with quality antler development and fertile fawn production.

Due to an increase in this year’s amount of rainfall deer were able to find ample amounts of nutrition which proved vital for their survival and allowed them to thrive this year.

Whitetail deer are ruminate. Ruminate means that deer have multiple chamber stomachs (similar to cows.) When deer eat food, they store part of it and regurgitate it at a later time and continue to digest it later on. Deer stick to a diet based primarily on vegetable and fruits. Their diet includes grass, nuts, leaves, berries and acorns during the fall. Acorns are a great way to provide deer with the extra fat that they need during the winter because acorns are high in carbohydrates.

Good luck to all Texas hunters this deer season! Let’s make it a great one!

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