Bow Maintenance Techniques To Enhance Your Hunting

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Ever wondered how humans discovered this super easy yet skillful technique? Bow and arrows have been in use since the beginning of the hunting period. As a known fact hunting existed for ages, and bow and arrow were the primary means of hunting. From then to now bow has evolved to make the hunting experience better. There are many varieties available in the bow. For ex- Bow is made up of wood, carbon fiber, alloys, and fiberglass. As one needs proper skill to use a bow, similarly one learns the storage and maintenance of a bow along with it.

Storage Of A Bow

Proper Storage should be your priority while hunting. Invest in a bow storage case, which will shield your bow from heat and cold while you are traveling. There are two types of bow cases viz, soft cases and hard cases. Both have a different purposes, so while buying ask yourself these two questions – how you are going to enroute to the Hunting Ranch in Texas? Which case will better suit your bow considering the pros and cons? Bow storage case also keeps your bow clean. Because bows are prone to get dirty and the dirt settled on them ruins their functionality. If you are planning to hang them in some place then consider keeping them away from kids and pets especially when you are not around.

Pay Attention To Minutia

It is a known secret that bow hunters are keen observers on hunting grounds. The same attention is required to your bow accessories as well. To keep the bowstring intact and in good condition hunters usually wax the string. Of course, some feel this isn’t appropriate to use, while others are comfortable using it. While we don’t see any harm in using wax unless you are using it in the required amount and in regular intervals. Make sure the wheels, stabilizers, string suppression system, and cables are in place. One defect to the bow accessories can cost your trophy hunting and your precious bow as well.

Keep An Eye On Your Bow’s String

While using bow and arrow pay attention to the bowstring as well. Because they are subjected to stretch and stress that might cause the fraying of the string. This isn’t good for your bow health. Good hunting is dependent on your bow, its accessories, and the stress created on the string. Over a period of time, due to over usage or over-stress, the bowstring is prone to breakage or would become loose. You need to pay attention to it carefully. Note if your bowstring is frayed or creating any sound while using it. Carefully examine the bowstring throughout. And to keep the bowstring in good shape you can simply wax or give it for servicing.

Check Your Bow At Regular Intervals

Like humans, even bows undergo constant wear and tear. You need to look after them regularly. Giving for service can make them function better like your car. If you are an amateur starting with bow hunting then it’s better to take suggestions from experts. Because there might be intricate things that amateurs may miss out on or fail to notice. So it’s good to get examined your bow once in a while before you set out for trophy hunting in Richland, Texas.

Stay Away From Water

Bow shafts are available in various materials as the trend changes. But if you are having a bow shaft made up of wood, you need to be extra..extra..extra cautious! Because water can completely damage the wooden shaft. The wooden shafts are generally made up of cedar, pine, or spruce wood. Still, they experience a moderate level of shrinkage or expansion over the experience of time. This can interfere with your bow usage experience. Along with this, you might get another headache which is fungus growth on your wooden shaft. This will completely spoil your bow. So protect your bow from water.

Protect Your Bow From Extremities

We all have heard this line from our ancestors, anything in extreme is not good. The same is applicable to your bow as well. When you are out hunting in extreme hot or cold weather make sure your bow is stored in good condition. Because the heat can spoil the cable whereas the extremely cold weather can spoil the bow with moisture. The moisture in turn can make the wood swell and give a great substratum for the fungus to grow.

Having seen all these points what have you thought about your bow storage and maintenance? After a proper maintenance season, you should plan for an exotic hunt trip in Texas. And you shouldn’t miss this chance to visit  Cotton Mesa Whitetail Ranch in Texas. The huge list of hunting opportunities and accommodations at the Cotton Mesa Whitetail Ranch won’t disappoint your hunting hunger and we are sure you will return with a hefty trophy. For more information, you can visit the site or contact our hunting ranch.

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