Hunting Attire for the Fall

With the cool welcome of the fall season, hunting enthusiasts alike are welcoming one of their favorite seasons: hunting season. For Texans, there is nothing better than waking up on a crisp October morning for a Texas deer hunt or good afternoon of Texas fishing. With the cooler weather, hunters must move their summer clothes to the back of their closet and update their hunting wardrobe with the proper attire for the fall.

The most useful and versatile attire for hunters in the fall and winter months is long-sleeve shirts and pants. Long-sleeved attire is beneficial for many reasons when it comes to hunting. Long-sleeved attire provides warmth in comparison to short-sleeved shirts and pants. In addition to warmth, long-sleeved clothes protect hunters from bug bites and scrapes that can be the result of trekking through forested areas, and coming into contact with tree branches and limbs.

When deer hunting in Texas, it important to conceal your presence in nature. The most recognized and beneficial pattern for hunters to wear is camouflage. Camouflage allows the hunter to disguise themselves in the foliage of nature. Camouflage gives hunters the edge up on their prey by allowing them to go unseen and make the surprise attack.

When you find yourself at hunting and fishing supply and clothing store, it is in your best interest to invest in shirts and pants that have multiple pockets. When you find yourself away from your natural habitat it is always useful to have multiple pockets that allow you to carry odds and in that may help you when hunting and fishing. Pockets are useful for carrying extra bullets, knives, ropes, and a small snack.

Now that your body is clothed, it is time to protect your feet. First and foremost it is important to invest in a pair of moisture wicking socks. Traditional cotton socks can cause irritation and discomfort in the form of blisters. Moisture wicking socks are a wise investment because they keep feet dry and warm inside of shoes during physical outdoor activities.

Once you have your feet covered with socks, you will want to put on your pair of boots that provide good comfort and support for hunting and fishing. When out for a hunt it is best to wear a pair of boots that you have worn in and grown familiar with. Hunting day is not the time to try and break in and mold a new pair of boots. It would be a shame if you missed a great catch due to discomfort!

The last necessity needed when hunting and fishing in the fall and winter months is gloves. Gloves are great for keeping your fingers warm from the bitter cold. Although Texas does not see as cold of winters as other states, Texas on occasion does dip into low temperatures.

The last tip for proper clothing when hunting and fishing is to forgo the perfume and cologne. Deer’s have an extremely sensitive nose. In fact, deer have nearly 300 olfactory receptors, more than humans, cats, and dogs. Opting to wash your clothes in a non-scented laundry detergent and using unscented body wash will help you have a more successful hunting trip.


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