Making the Most of your Exotic Hunt

If you are a veteran hunter, you may or may not have had the enjoyable experience of an exotic hunt. While there are many hunters who stick to the tried and true native whitetail each year, there is much to be said for mixing things up a bit and adding an exotic hunt to your regular routine. If you are looking for some variety, you will find that and more with exotic hunts at Cotton Mesa. Our herds include a variety of different species. Along with high quality whitetail deer, you will also find a variety of other deer species, including Axis deer.


Hunters who are planning an upcoming exotic hunt for the first time may be curious about how hunting for Axis deer differs from whitetail hunts. Without a doubt, there are differences, which is why it is important to make sure that you pay attention to the strategies and tips provided by your guide.


All of the guides at Cotton Mesa are highly experienced regarding the various movements and behaviors of the various species of game on the ranch. As a result, they can be relied upon to provide you with strategies regarding the best and most effective way to hunt at our ranch. Keep in mind that your guide may provide a new technique or style to which you are not accustomed. This is largely due to the fact that Axis deer simply do not behave in the same way as whitetail deer. Unlike whitetail deer, Axis males frequently interact and even move with herds of females. Reproductive and mating cycles also vary. Therefore, even if your guide offers you a different technique or strategy, it is important to go ahead and follow it so that you are able to make the most of your trip and maximize your chance for success.


One of the most crucial aspects of a successful exotic hunt is to make sure that you eliminate as much scent as possible. Of course, an experienced hunter will already be aware of the importance of this, but when you are hunting Axis deer, it becomes even more vital. This species of deer tends to be even more wary than their American cousins, so you want to do everything you can to ensure a successful outcome to your hunt. The deer on our ranch are quite accustomed to human scent near and around our ranch, but they can also discern the difference between different types of human scent and are keenly attuned to any changes that take place to odors that are carried in the air. Eliminating as much scent as possible before you head out on a hunt will help to ensure that the deer are not alerted to your presence. It is also vital that you remain as quiet as possible while you are on a hunt. In the event that a member of the herd senses danger, a male will usually give off a distinct bellow to alert the rest of the herd.



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