Preparing Spring Food Plots for Deer Season

Although deer season is months away preparing for deer season is a continuous, year-round venture, for ranch owners. The day that deer hunting season ends, ranch handlers immediately begin preparing for opening day of the next hunting season. In order to grow your whitetails into trophy bucks follow these tips in the spring.

One of the most important tips to improve your management and overseeing of your deer in the spring is by planting food plots. Throughout the four seasons, spring is the most ideal time of the year to begin planting plots due to the ability for plants to grow during the warmer season.  Some of the most popular foods to plant with your food plot include corn, alfalfa, sorghum, soybeans. By planting food plots you will notice that more deer will visit the feeders.

Food plots prove to be most beneficial in the spring and summer months because low-lying sites, as seem with food plots, are where the highest amount of moisture is congregated during the dry months. When starting out and choosing an area to place the food plot it important to place the plot in an area that is not prone to flooding or near large waterways. Although moisture is good for food plots, too much can prove damaging.

Another important tip to keep in mind is to actively manage and monitor your deer. It is important to notice any change in habits that your deer have be having. In order to ensure a successful hunting season it is important to frequently check in on your deer herds. Actively utilize the equipment that you have on your ranch whether that be stands, feeders or cameras to help you ensure your deer are doing well.

The early spring and summer months are crucial when it comes to the well-being of your deer herd. The nutrition gained during the spring months directly affect a deer’s antler growth, their gestation a fawn’s birth and weight gain and the milk production of does. After a cold winter, the spring nutrition gained from food plots is a great way to allow quick recovery to the body weight of deer.

As you can see the spring and summer months are when deer need their owners the most. Taking the tips to ensure that deer are provided with proper nutrition in the warm months will help ensure that your deer are big, healthy and have a nice set of antlers. To ensure that you are a successful deer manager implement these tips.

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