Summer Preparation Tips for Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting

Summer may be almost upon us, but plenty of trophy whitetail deer hunters are already thinking about cooler temperatures and what they can do to get ready for hunting season. Regardless of how long off opening day may seem, there are actually many things you can do right now to start getting prepared and keep your skills sharp.

One of the most important things you can do right now is to spend some time at the range. If you are fortunate enough to have recently bought a new gun or a scope, now is an excellent time for sighting it in. If not, it’s still a good time to get some time practicing in shooting from a distance. Even better, the range is a great place to meet other off-season hunters who are also practicing their skills. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and share hunting stories. You may even pick up a few tips along the way.

Along those same lines, you might also consider devoting some time to learning some new whitetail hunting skills that just might help you next season. Whether it’s scouting, tracking, or marksmanship, the more you learn now, the better prepared you will be when the season opens in a few months.

If you have your own land that you plan to use for hunting next season, spring and summer offer excellent opportunities for improving it so that it is better able to support populations of whitetail deer and other game. For instance, now is a good time to trim out species of plants that offer little value and allow more room for bedding cover. Putting out mineral or salt licks is also a good idea. You might also consider planting crops or native food species to support your game. If you need assistance in determining the appropriate types of species to plant, your local conservation office should be able to assist you in providing recommendations.

The summer months are also a good time to make sure that your hunting equipment is in good order and perhaps even buy some new equipment or gear. Whether it’s new camo clothing, a new gun, or that scope you’ve had your eye on, if you buy it during the summer months, you just might be able to save a little on the purchase.

Now is also a good time to begin locating private land for hunting or lining up ranches for deer hunts . Keep in mind that while there may be ample public land available for hunting, the pressure can also be high on these lands. Not only do you have to be concerned about practically tripping over other hunters, but you can rest assured that the whitetail deer feel that pressure, as well. By checking out ranches now, you will have the time necessary to peruse your options and make arrangements in advance so that you will be all set when opening day does finally roll around.

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