Things To Know While Hunting American Bison In Texas

Have you ever been in a ranch for an American Bison hunting in Texas? If you had been for American bison hunting then you would definitely agree on the point that taking down the majestic animal feels amazing as well as challenging. Because Bison are among the largest animals on earth, and they are found throughout North America. But how to overcome the challenge and bag your trophy? Here are a few tips that you should be aware of while hunting an American Bison –


It’s About The Terrain

Know your terrain well. It’s important that you know the habit and habitat of bison before setting out on your hunt, so that you don’t accidentally cross paths with them. If you aren’t familiar with the area, make sure to bring along a good map so that you won’t get lost while scouting for game animals. You can find out where bison tend to congregate by asking local residents or from your fellow hunters in order to avoid the specific areas when looking for game animals. If you are in the ranch, the staff can guide you for this so that you are prepared to tackle the bison. 


Are You Ready To Fire?

When hunting bison, ensure that your weapon is in good condition and ready to fire. You should also have a good camouflage outfit and plenty of food to eat while hunting bison, because you never know when you might encounter one. Make sure you have plenty of ammunition for your hunting rifle before going out for this species, as it may take several shots before killing one bison. Use a bow or rifle when hunting American Bison, preferably a rifle because they are majestic and have powerful muscles. If you are going to hunt with a rifle or shotgun, then you need to wear blaze orange clothing so that you can be seen by other hunters in the area who may be hunting as well. If you are in a vehicle, it is best to approach the animal from at least 10 feet away with an open rifle case. 


Safety Must Be Your Priority

While you are around big game animals, there is a huge possibility they can attack you anytime because you can’t predict animal behavior. So keep your close ones informed about your whereabouts and carry a first aid kit. Maintain a safe distance from the animal. 


Be Aware Of The Right Time To Hunt 

Although American bison are available throughout the year, the best time to take them down is December to February. Try to plan your hunt in such a way that you don’t have to face much competition during hunting an American Bison and it becomes easy for you to bag your trophy.


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