Tips for Photographing Your Trophy Whitetail Deer

Most hunters enjoy having pictures of their trophy whitetail deer. While a trophy mount is a great memento of a wonderful hunting experience, there is also certainly something to be said of a photo that you can share with family and friends while you are still in the field, especially now with social media. If you are like many hunters, you have probably had your fair share of bad photos in the past and wondered what you could do to make your photos look as though they belong on the cover of a glossy magazine. Keep reading for a few tips that will help you to have photos you will love to share.


First, make sure you don’t forget the camera in all of your excitement of packing for the hunt. Of course, a camera phone will do in a pinch, but despite the advances that have been made in camera phone technology in the last few years, nothing compares to a quality camera. If you are staying at a ranch specializing in Texas deer hunts, the staff at the ranch may very well be able to take a photo for you.


Keep in mind the importance of location in determining where the photograph will be taken. Just as it is important to set up your shot when aiming for that trophy buck, it is also important to set up the shot for your photograph. Rather than the back of your truck, try to get creative and consider taking the photo in front of a stream or even in front of the lodge where you are staying.


While you will no doubt be anxious to take the shot, take the time to clean up your trophy buck before the shot is taken. All it takes it a pail of water to wash him off and smooth back the hair. Moistening up the nose and eyes will also help to ensure a good quality photo. At the same time, remember to freshen yourself up as well, if you have any blood spots on you from harvesting the deer. If the animal has any impact spots, consider positioning your gun or bow in front of those areas or angle your body so that they are not visible in the photo.


Look for the deer’s best feature and focus the camera on that for the photo. In the event that you are using a camera with a zoom lens, opt for a range between 70 mm and 90 mm to create the best effect. You do not want everything to look so out of balance that it appears unrealistic. If you have a digital camera, as most everyone does today, be sure to check the photo to ensure that you have a good shot.


The photos you take after a great hunt will help the memory of that hunt to live on for years to come and can certainly afford you with plenty of bragging rights among your hunting buddies.



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