Whitetail Bow Hunting Tips

While many hunters prefer to hunt with firearms, there is certainly something to be said for trophy whitetail deer hunting using a bow. If you’ve never used a bow for whitetail hunting, you might feel somewhat intimidated at first. The tips below are designed to help you feel more confident about using a bow for your next Texas hunt and help you to increase your chances of success of bringing home a trophy buck.


Patience is a crucial skill for any hunter, but when it comes to bow hunting, patience is a must. When hunting with a bow, you must have a much closer distance between yourself and the target than when hunting with a firearm. This means that you might sometimes spot a buck in the distance and will need to track him in order to close that distance. Patience will be critical.


Confidence is also important. Even if it is your first hunt using a bow, it is imperative that you believe in yourself and your abilities. When you start second-guessing yourself is usually when your hunting will suffer.


You also need to ensure that you are appropriately prepared for the hunt. Take the time to get to know the area where you intend to hunt. Spend some time scouting. Ideally, you should do this before as well as during and after the season.


Scent control is always important regardless of the type of weapon that you choose to use. With bow hunting; however, you need to eliminate as much scent as possible. The use of a scent killer on everything that goes with you into the field can go a long way toward improving your chances of success. All new bow hunters make mistakes, but by far, the most common is forgetting the release. You may find that bringing a backup is a good idea.


One of the most common areas where many novice bow hunters experience a lack of confidence is in regards to their actual skills. Hunting the wind is perhaps one of the most important strategies for a deer hunt. Regardless of how much scent killer you use, you still need to master the strategy of hunting the wind. This doesn’t mean simply checking the wind when you start out for the day. Keep in mind that the wind changes, so you need to constantly monitor the direction of the wind and plan your Texas whitetail hunt around it.


Along those same lines, you also need to make a point of continually monitoring your surroundings. Deer will often come from unexpected directions. This is particularly true during the rut. With that said, you need to ensure you have a good view of your surroundings so that you are prepared. If you do not already have a good set of hunting binoculars, invest in a new set and keep them handy.


Finally, remember that you absolutely must be still and quiet. Even if you have managed to eliminate your scent, it will be for naught if you alert a deer with your movements.



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