Why To Drink Responsibly During Hunting?

drinking responsibly during hunting

Why It Is Essential To Drink Responsibly While Hunting? 

Fun and party are a part of the hunting celebration in the ranch. And the celebration always begins with having alcohol. It is ok to have alcohol if you are done and dusted with hunting and not in the beginning or not even during hunting. Why is it said so? Why is it important to drink responsibly while you are hunting? 

Prone To Accidents 

A study says “ Majority of the road accidents are due to drink and drive”. Avoid driving on public lands or rather anywhere when you have consumed alcohol. Because you are prone to commit an accident, risking your life and others’ safety. You may finish a carton full of bottles within no time, but your body takes time to flush the alcohol out of the body. It takes about 25 hours to clear off the alcohol traces out of your body. So if you keep drinking, it is just going to accumulate in your body, impairing your decision-making abilities. So instead of driving on road, drive back to sleep.

Say A Big NO To Firearm Usage

The celebration should begin once you have put off your firearms. When you are drunk, your senses are dull. It is extremely dangerous to have a firearm around you. For that matter, even carrying a bow is not advisable. You might be aiming for a deer but instead of that, you might shoot somewhere else or someone else. You might not bag a deer hunt but definitely a jail sentence or fine or both! So stay away from firearms when you are with alcohol. 

Littering beer bottles in public land

Avoid The Littering 

Often people litter the empty beer bottles on the public land making the place look dirty. Whether you are in public land or in private land, be responsible enough to discard the bottles in bins allocated for the same. By littering the bottles you are creating a bad reputation for yourself. Additionally, hunting whitetails in Texas or any other deer won’t easy be for you if you are drunk during hunting. Deer are clever enough to sniff the smell and beer bottle clanking from miles. Thus you are decreasing the chance of getting a deer for yourself.

What Texas Law Has To Say Over This?

As such, there is no specific restriction on the consumption of alcohol while hunting in Texas. But, you are NOT allowed to hunt when you are under any influence. And a big NO when you are set out on public land for hunting. Also, every ranch has its own terms of condition, you can confirm that with the ranch manager while booking your hunting slots. Follow these simple things and avoid the violations and risks to enjoy your hunting completely.  


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