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Leading deer hunting ranch with 33 years of experience!

Situated just an hour from Dallas, Texas, Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail offers 4,200 acres of premium whitetail deer habitat. Robert and son, Stephen Gegenheimer, are the proud owners and operators of Cotton Mesa Whitetail. In business since 1990, Cotton Mesa Whitetail is proud to have produced trophy whitetail deer.

Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail Texas hunting ranch  has been selectively breeding  trophy whitetails for the past thirty three years. Cotton Mesa has all types of genetics on this hunting ranch in Texas, drop tines, 20”+ wide deer, typical and non-typical and some extremely heavy antlered Texas bucks. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail will not overshoot our herds and our strict game management program assures our Texas hunters a good selection to choose from every year. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail has management hunts available at very affordable prices. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail prices are based on a gross SCI scoring measurements which provides our Texas hunter with a fair and equal rate.

Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail guides generally hunt one on one using four wheel drive vehicles to get to and from these Texas Whitetail hunting areas. Our guest at ranch has the option to hunt from stands and tripods early morning and late evening. When our Texas hunters arrive at our ranch our goal is to make their hunting experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Cotton Mesa uses 5X5 and 4X5 double walled metal Atascosa blinds. These are certainly some of the best blinds made in Texas. These double walled insulated blinds are comfortable in both warm and cold Texas weather. There are times our Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail guides like to still hunt, rattle and use 4-wheel drive vehicles to obtain access over this vast Texas ranch.

Cotton Mesa’s hunting season starts the first Saturday in November and runs thru the first week in January. Cotton Mesa ranch offers a large variety of exotics, many of which can be hunted year around in Texas. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail exotics include: Bison, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Aoudad Sheep, Blackbuck Antelope, Wilds Hogs and Fishing.

We do not allow hunting with AR style rifles.

Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail offers hunts and lodging that are generally four days and three nights, but can be tailored to fit any schedule. Our deer hunting ranch offers first class accommodations complete with gourmet meals prepared by our very own professional chef. Although we do not permit alcohol in the field for safety reasons, at night we invite you to sample some of the best wine and drink in Texas while enjoying a gourmet dinner and relaxing by the fire.

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Cotton Mesa Whitetail is a proud member of the Dallas Safari Club, the Houston Safari Club, the International Safari Club and Texas Deer Breeders Association.




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